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Accardo, Jus - The Infinity Division #1: Infinity (Good Reads) YA, Science Fiction
Accardo, Jus - The Infinity Division #2: Omega (Good Reads) YA, Science Fiction
Accardo, Jus - The Eternal Balance #1: Ruined (Good Reads) New Adult, Paranormal
Ahdieh, Renee - Flame in the Mist (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy
Albert, Annabeth - Out of Uniform #1: Off Base (Good Reads) Romance, LGBTQIA+
Albert, Annabeth - Out of Uniform #2: At Attention (Good ReadsRomance, LGBTQIA+
Albert, Annabeth - Out of Uniform #4: Wheels Up (Good Reads) Romance, LGBTQIA+
Amerii - Because You Love to Hate Me (Good Reads) (YouTube) YA, Short Story Anthology
Angleberger, Tom - Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling {Youtube} Kids, Craft
Aveyard, Victoria - Red Queen #0.1-0.2: Cruel Crown YA, Fantasy
Aveyard, Victoria - Red Queen #1: Red Queen (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Aveyard, Victoria - Red Queen #2: Glass Sword (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy

Bailey, Em - The Special Ones {Youtube} #loveozya, Thriller
Bailey, Sarah - The Dark Lake (Good Reads) Crime
Balchin, Lance - Mechanica: a Beginner's Field Guide (Good Reads) Picturebook, Steampunk
Bardugo, Leigh - The Grisha Trilogy #1: Shadow and Bone YA, Fantasy
Bardugo, Leigh - The Grisha Trilogy #2: Siege and Storm YA, Fantasy
Bardugo, Leigh - The Grisha Trilogy #3: Ruin and Rising YA, Fantasy
Bardugo, Leigh - Six of Crows (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Bardugo, Leugh - DC Icons #1: Wonder Woman Warbringer (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy
Begler, Pete - The Fearless Traveler's Guide to Wicked Places (Good Reads) Middle-Grade, Fantasy
Ben-Barak, Idan - Do Not Lick This Book (Good Reads) Picturebook, Science
Bigelow, Lisa - We That Are Left (Good Reads) Historical Fiction, Australian
Black, Holly - The Folk of the Air #1: The Cruel Prince (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy
Blake, Kendare - Three Dark Crowns (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Brazier, D.J. - Alone {Youtube} Middle-Grade, Survivalist
Butterworth, Jess - Running on the Roof of the World {Youtube} Middle-Grade, Historical Fiction

Callaway, Joyce - The Fifth Avenue Artist's Society (Good Reads) Historical Fiction
Carey, Lisa - The Stolen Child (Good Reads) Magical Realism
Carlon, Sophie - BURN (Good Reads) Short Story, Magical Realism
Carroll, Lewis - Through the Looking Glass (Good Reads) Classic
Chambers, Becky - The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Good Reads) Science-Fiction
Chambers, Becky - A Closed and Common Orbit (Good Reads) Science-Fiction
Clare, Cassandra - The Mortal Instruments 1: City of Bones (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Clark, Jane - Neon Leon Children's
Cline, Ernst - Ready Player One (Good Reads) Science Fiction
Colin, Beatrice - To Capture What We Cannot Keep (Good Reads) Historical Fiction
Collins, Orlagh - No Filter YA, Contemporary
Connelly, Michael - Renèe Ballard #1: The Late Show (Good Reads) {YoutubeCrime
Corbett, Claire - Watch Over Me (Good Reads) Thriller
Crane, Julia - Down the Rabbit Hole (Good Reads) Young Adult, Fantasy
Croatto, Dave - Goodnight Batman (Good Reads) Humour
Cronin, Justin - The Passage (Good Reads) Science-Fiction & Fantasy
Crowley, Cath - Words in Deep Blue (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary, #loveozya

Dahl, Roald - The BFG (Good Reads) Children's Fiction, Middle-Grade
Daniels, Anna - Girl In Between (Good Reads) Author Guest Post Fiction
Daniels, April - Nemesis 1: Dreadnought (Good Reads) Young Adult, LGBTQIA+, Science Fiction
Davis, Lisa Selin - Lost Stars or What Lou Reed Taught Me About Love (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary
de Castell, Sebastien - Spellslinger (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy
de Saint-Exupery, Antoine - The Little Prince {Youtube} Kids, Classic
Donaldson, Julia - Poems to Perform Childrens, Poetry

Ee, Susan - Penryn and the End of Days 1: Angelfall (Good ReadsYA, Dystopian
Ee, Susan - Penryn and the End of Days 2: World After (Good Reads) YA, Dystopian
Ee, Susan - Penryn and the End of Days 3: End of Days (Good Reads) YA, Dystopian
Eve, Laure - The Graces (Good Reads) Young Adult, Magical Realism, Fantasy

Ferris, Fleur - Wreck {YouTube} YA, Thriller, #loveozya
Fields, Stella - Lazy Crafternoon (Good Reads) Craft
Fisher, Carrie - The Princess Diarist (Good Reads) Memoir, Entertainment
Fox, Laura L. - Initiate (Good ReadsYA, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Fraillon, Zana - The Bone Sparrow (Good Reads) YA, Australian
Frank, M.C. - Lose Me. (Good Reads) New Adult, Romance
Frank, M.C. - No Ordinary Star #1: No Ordinary Star (Good Reads) YA, Science-Fiction
Frank, M.C. - No Ordinary Star #2: No Plain Rebel (Good Reads) YA, Science-Fiction
Frank, M.C. - No Ordinary Star #3: No Vain Loss (Good Reads) YA, Science-Fiction

Garber, Stephanie - Caraval (Good Reads) Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Gigl, Colin - The Ferryman Institute (Good Reads) Science Fiction & Fantasy
Giles, Jeff - The Edge of Everything (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Goodman, Alison - Eon and Eona Duology YA, Fantasy
Gracias, Luke - The Devil's Prayer (Good Reads) Historical Fiction, Horror, Thriller
Grant, Stan - Talking to My Country Non-fiction, Indigenous Australia
Gray, Claudia - Defy the Stars (Good Reads) YA, Science-Fiction
Grey, Audrey - Shadow Fall 1: Shadow Fall (Good Reads / Release Promo Post) YA, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Grossman, Lev - The Magicians (Good Reads) Fantasy

Harkins, M.K. - The Reader (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Harris, Charlaine - Harper Connelly #2: Grave Surprise (Good Reads) Comics & Graphic Novels
Harris, Phillip - The Girl in the City (Good ReadsNovella, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Harvey, Jaqueline - Alice-Miranda at School (Good Reads) Middle Grade
Hayes, Nicole - A Shadow's Breath (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary, #loveozya
Heath, Jack - Hangman (Good Reads) Thriller
Higgins, Fiona - Fearless (Good Reads) Fiction
Hobbs, Nicola Jane - Thrive Through Yoga (Good Reads) Health & Wellbeing
Howard, A.G. - RoseBlood (GoodReads) Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
Howard, A.G. - Splintered #3.5: Untamed (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy
Hurley-Moore, Nicole - Country Roads (Good Reads) Fiction, Australia


Jeffers, Oliver - A Child of Books Picturebook

Kaufmann, Amie & Kristoff, Jay - Illuminae Files_01: Illuminae (Good ReadsYA, Science-Fiction, #loveozya
Kaufmann, Amie & Kristoff, Jay - Illuminae Files_02: Gemina YA, Science-Fiction, #loveozya
Keil, Melissa - The Secret Science of Magic {Youtube} YA, Contemporary, #loveozya
Kristoff, Jay - The Nevernight Chronicle #1: Nevernight Fantasy
Kristoff, Jay - The Nevernight Chronicle #2: Godsgrave (Good Reads) Fantasy
Krul, J.T. - Battlestar Galactica: Six Science Fiction, Graphic Novel
Kwaymullina, Amberlin - The Tribe 1: The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf (Good Reads) OzYA, Science-Fiction, #loveozya

La Plante, Lynda - Tennison #3: Good Friday (Good Reads) British Crime
LaCour, Nina & Levithan, David  - You Know Me Well (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary
Landy, Derek - Skulduggery Pleasant series (Coming Soon)
Lane, Karly - If Wishes Were Horses (Good Reads) Fiction, Australian
Lane, Karly - Third Time Lucky (Author Guest Post) (Good ReadsFiction, Australian
Lee, Andy - Do Not Open This Book Picturebook (Children's)
Levithan, David - Two Boys Kissing (Good Reads) Young Adult, LGBTQIA+
Logan, T.M. - Lies (Good Reads) Psychological Thriller
Lu, Marie - Warcross #1: Warcross (Good Reads) {Youtube} Young Adult, Science-Fiction
Luceno, James - Star Wars: Catalyst (Good Reads) Film Tie-In, Science-Fiction

Maclean, Heather - Toward a Secret Sky (Good Reads) YA, Paranormal
Maniscalco, Kerri - Stalking Jack the Ripper (Good Reads) YA, Crime
Marney, Ellie - No Limits (Good Reads) #loveozya, Crime
Mathieu, Jennifer - Moxie (Good Reads) {Youtube} Young Adult, Contemporary
McDonald, Fleur - Suddenly One Summer (Good Reads) {Youtube} Crime, Australian
McGuire, Seanan - Every Heart a Doorway (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy, Short Fiction
McGuire, Seanan - Beneath a Sugar Sky (Wayward Children #3) Magical Realism/Fantasy
McLemore, Anna-Marie - Wild Beauty (Good Reads) {Youtube} YA, Magical Realism
McLoud, Carol - Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Children's Books
Menon, Sandhya - When Dimple Met Rishi {Youtube} YA, Contemporary
Meyer, Marissa - Heartless (Good Reads) YA, Fantasy
Meyer, Marissa - The Lunar Chronicles: Fairest (Good Reads) YA, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Meyer, Stephanie - The Chemist (Good Reads) Mystery, Thriller
Millard, Glenda - The Naming of Tishkin Silk (Good Reads) Kids, Australian
Moloney, James - The Beauty Is In The Walking {Youtube} #loveozya
Moriarty, Jaclyn - The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone (Good Reads) {Youtube} Kids, Australian

Ness, Patrick - Release (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary, LGBTQIA+
Niven, Jennifer - Holding Up the Universe (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary

O'Guilin, Peadar - The Call (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Oliver, Lauren - Replica (Good ReadsYA, Science-Fiction & Fantasy (Author Q&A)

Paige, Danielle - Stealing Snow (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Patric, A.S. - Black Rock White City Fiction
Patterson, James - Zoo (Good Reads) Ecological Thriller
Plozza, Shivaun - Frankie {Youtube} YA, Contemporary, #loveozya
Pohler, Eva - The Purgatorium (Good Reads) YA, Psychological Thriller
Pryor, Michael - Gap Year in Ghost Town (Good Reads) YA, Paranormal #loveozya


Raabe, Marc - Cut (Good Reads) Crime, Thriller
Raasch, Sara - Snow Like Ashes {Youtube} Young Adult, Fantasy
Reilly, Matthew - Jack West Jr 4: The Four Legendary Kingdoms (Good Reads)
Riggs, Ransom - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Russ, Aimee Jessica - Collide (Good Reads) Science Fiction

Selznick, Brian - The Invention of Hugo Cabret {Youtube} Middle-Grade, Historical-Fiction
Seuss, Dr. - How the Grinch Stole Christmas Children's Books
Smith, Caighlan - Children of Icarus (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Schwab, Victoria - Monsters of Verity #1: This Savage Song (Good ReadsYA, Fantasy
Schwab, Victoria - Monsters of Verity #2: Out Dark Duet {Youtube} YA, Fantasy
Schwab, V.E. - Shades of Magic 1: A Darker Shade of Magic (Good Reads) Fantasy
Schwab, V.E. - Shades of Magic 2: A Gathering of Shadows (Good Reads) Fantasy
Schwab, V.E. - Shades of Magic 3: A Conjuring of Light (Coming Soon)
Shaffer, Mary Ann - The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (Good Reads) Fiction
Showalter, Gena - Firstlife (Good Reads) YA, Science Fiction
Slayton, Shonna - Spindle (Good Reads) Fantasy
Smith, Ronald L - The Mesmerist (Good Reads) Middle-Grade, Paranormal
Snow, Alan - How Santa Really Works Children's Books
Sowden, Emily - Trapped In Silver (Good Reads) Young Adult, Fantasy
Spiers, Hilary - Love, Lies & Linguine (Good Reads) Fiction
Stackpole, Michael A - Star Wars X-Wing 1: Rogue Squadron (Good Reads) Science-Fiction, Film Tie-In
Stanton, Beck & Stanton, Matt - Did You Take the B From My _ook? Children's Picturebook
Stone, Catherine - Fireseed One (Good ReadsYA, Science-Fiction & Fantasy
Stradling, Rita - Ensnared (Good Reads) New Adult, Science-Fiction Released December 2017
Swanson, Peter - Her Every Fear (Good Reads) Thriller, Suspense

Tahir, Sabaa - An Ember In the Ashes {Youtube} Young Adult, Fantasy
Thomson, Rupert - Divided Kingdom (Good Reads) {Youtube} Speculative Science-Fiction
Todd, Hannah & Anonymous - Hello Me, It's You (Good Reads), YA
Townsend, Jessica - Nevermore #1: The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Good Reads) {Youtube} #loveozkids, middle grade, fantasy
Turner, Rebekah - Threader (Good Reads) YA, Science-Fiction


Valente, Catherynne M - Radiance (Good Reads) Science-Fiction

Walters, Minette - The Last Hours (Good Reads) {Youtube} Historical Fiction
Ward, Penelope & Keeland, Vi - Playboy Pilot (Good Reads) Romance
Weir, Andy - Artemis Science Fiction
Weir, Andy - The Martian Science Fiction 
Wendig, Chuck - Star Wars: Aftermath (Good Reads) Science-Fiction, Film Tie-In
Wendig, Chuck - Star Wars: Aftermath - Life Debt (Good Reads) Science-Fiction, Film Tie-In
White, Kiersten - And I Darken YA, Fantasy
Wilde, Jen - Queens of Geek (Good Reads) #loveOzYA, LGBTQIA+
Wilkinson, Lili - That Christmas Feeling (Good Reads) {Youtube} Kids, Christmas
Winter, Hanna - Sacrifice (Good Reads) Crime, Thriller
Wright, Anna - Magnificent Creatures: Animals on the Move! (Good Reads) Children's, Nonfiction


Yoon, Nicola - The Sun Is Also a Star (Good Reads) YA, Contemporary